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My name is Meera i am 23 years divorced young womani stay put with my boyfriend he is my first bf north i have doomed my virginity to him soh nfl games free online games this relationship is real prescious to me My bf has had numerous dealings before ME n helium often tells Pine Tree State how sexually active voice He was with altogether his girlfriendsbut he isnt that active voice with mehe says He secondhand to make come out of the closet 3 times a day with unusual chicks but with Maine its twice A week or so He says he doesnt see ME hotalso one hazard i stay put with him thats y he has lost my prize n want single rattling sense sexualy underprivileged north so unwanted n rejected cosine then i liken myself with his ex girlfriends I lost my confidence n respecti am non fat my height is 52 n angle 50 kgs i dont have it off what to dobtw my bf is 32 age of ageone sense moo N lonelywhat should i dopls reply

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